The ASAE Foundation identifies critical trends and evidence-based effective practices in association leadership and management by funding and conducting research that no one organization can undertake on its own.

Featured Research

The Technology Success and Readiness Study

Associations depend on technology to do their work and fulfill their missions. The ASAE Foundation set out to understand what technology success looks like in an association context—from internal support to member satisfaction. Through the latest report, Tech Success for Associations, association leaders will learn how their association technology compares to others and understand how member abilities and expectations may drive association technology in the future. Read more

Mutually Beneficial Volunteer Relationships

The effective engagement of volunteers is at the heart of the association mission, and volunteers provide crucial work to advance that mission. This creates a complex dynamic that does not always lead to volunteer or organizational satisfaction. This project seeks to identify the characteristics of volunteer systems that create mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and volunteers. The work illustrates how leaders can establish these systems in their own associations. Read More


Research by Topic

  My job is to make the board the best it can be. ASAE Foundation’s research provides quantitative      proof of strategies that work. —Hannes Combest, CAE National Auctioneers  Association

Scholarly Research Grants Program

The ASAE Foundation is committed to forging partnerships that add to the body of knowledge in association management and nonprofit leadership. The Scholarly Research in Association Management Grants Program facilitates research projects in the academic community. Each year-long grant of $7,500 is awarded to support research proposals that show the greatest potential to have significant impact on the field and to create innovative approaches with practical applications for association leaders. Read more 

Tools and Resources


AssociaMetrics is an access point for collection and dissemination of a range of valuable industry benchmarking information. It enables users to get benchmarking data for specific segments of the association industry, supporting better comparisons for decision-making.

Identifying Good Research

Data-driven decisions are key to effective strategic direction, but decisions are only as good as the research that grounds them. It is important to ensure that you're using reliable research that meets your needs and addresses the questions you need to understand. Key points from The Informed Association: A Practical Guide to Using Research for Results provide guidance for understanding what makes good research and how to know it when you see it.