Scholarly Research in Association Management Grants

The ASAE Foundation is committed to forging partnerships that add to the body of knowledge in association management and nonprofit leadership. The Scholarly Research in Association Management Grants Program facilitates research projects in the academic community. Each year-long grant of $7,500 is awarded to support research proposals that show the greatest potential to have significant impact on the field and to create innovative approaches with practical applications for association leaders.


Applications for the next funding cycle are being accepted from September 14, 2018 – January 8, 2019. We encourage applicants to submit a Letter of Intent by Monday, December 3, 2018.

Important Dates 2019 SRGP
Launch Call-for-Applications September 14, 2018
Letter of Intent Deadline December 3, 2018
Application Deadline January 8, 2019

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Past Recipients


James Madison University

Principal Investigator: Margaret F. Sloan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Strategic Leadership Studies

Co-Investigator: Cleopatra Charles, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Public Affairs and Administration Rutgers University-Newark

Willingness to Donate: Are membership dues a substitute for donations?

New York University

Principal Investigator: Clifford Frasier, Ph.D., Candidate

Incentivizing Participation: Advocacy Associations and the Collective Action Problem


American University

Principal Investigator: Khaldoun AbouAssi, Ph.D., Department of Public Administration & Policy

Passive vs. Active Engagement of Members in Their Membership Associations: Does It Make a Difference?

George Mason University

Principal Investigator: Danielle Rudes, Ph.D., Center of Advancing Correctional Excellence

Implementing, Disseminating and Translating Evidence-Based or Evidence-Informed Policy/Practice within Public/Non-Profit Organizations

Georgia Southern University

Principal Investigator: Kerry Kuenzi, Ph.D. Institute for Public and Nonprofit Studies

Co-Investigator: Amanda J. Stewart, Ph.D., North Carolina State University

Investigating Career Paths of Association Executives: Linking Career Paths to Association Success

Indiana University

Principal Investigator: Brad Fulton, Ph.D., School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Co-Investigators: Grace Yukich, Ph.D., Quinnipiac University, and Richard L. Wood, Ph.D., University of New Mexico

Increasing Representation among Underrepresented Groups: An Analysis of Immigrant Involvement within Immigrant Rights Organizations

Salisbury University

Principal Investigator: Valerie J. Whitcomb, Ph.D., Franklin P. Perdue School of Business

Exploring Critical Success Factors of eLearning Program Implementations

Salisbury University

Principal Investigator: Valerie J. Whitcomb, Ph.D., Franklin P. Perdue School of Business

The Economics of Online Professional Education-Exploring the Delta between Design, Delivery, and Demand

University of Oregon

Principal Investigator: Saurabh Lall, Ph.D., Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management 

The Role of Associations and Intermediaries in Shaping and Legitimizing New Organizational Fields: Examining the Growth of Social Enterprise in India


Florida State University

Principal Investigator: David Berlan, Ph.D.

Co-Investigator: Sarah Young, M.B.A.

Building the Capacity of Capacity Builders: A Study of Nonprofit Associations

University of Florida

Principal Investigator: Charles Dahan, Ph.D. Candidate

Co-Investigator: Brian Calfano, Ph.D.

Measuring Variables Affecting Individual-Level Decisions to Enter Association Fields

University of Georgia

Principal Investigator: Kristina Jaskyte, Ph.D.

Board of Directors and Innovations in Associations

Wichita State University

Principal Investigator: Gergana (Gery) Markova, Ph.D.

Being a Professional: The Role of Professional Associations

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