Scholarly Research Grants Past Recipients

Past recipients


James Madison University

Principal Investigator: Margaret F. Sloan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Strategic Leadership Studies

Co-Investigator: Cleopatra Charles, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Public Affairs and Administration Rutgers University-Newark

Willingness to Donate: Are membership dues a substitute for donations?

New York University

Principal Investigator: Clifford Frasier, Ph.D., Candidate

Incentivizing Participation: Advocacy Associations and the Collective Action Problem


American University

Principal Investigator: Khaldoun AbouAssi, Ph.D., Department of Public Administration & Policy

Passive vs. Active Engagement of Members in Their Membership Associations: Does It Make a Difference?

George Mason University

Principal Investigator: Danielle Rudes, Ph.D., Center of Advancing Correctional Excellence

Implementing, Disseminating and Translating Evidence-Based or Evidence-Informed Policy/Practice within Public/Non-Profit Organizations

Georgia Southern University

Principal Investigator: Kerry Kuenzi, Ph.D. Institute for Public and Nonprofit Studies

Co-Investigator: Amanda J. Stewart, Ph.D., North Carolina State University

Investigating Career Paths of Association Executives: Linking Career Paths to Association Success

Indiana University

Principal Investigator: Brad Fulton, Ph.D., School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Co-Investigators: Grace Yukich, Ph.D., Quinnipiac University, and Richard L. Wood, Ph.D., University of New Mexico

Increasing Representation among Underrepresented Groups: An Analysis of Immigrant Involvement within Immigrant Rights Organizations

Salisbury University

Principal Investigator: Valerie J. Whitcomb, Ph.D., Franklin P. Perdue School of Business

Exploring Critical Success Factors of eLearning Program Implementations

Salisbury University

Principal Investigator: Valerie J. Whitcomb, Ph.D., Franklin P. Perdue School of Business

The Economics of Online Professional Education-Exploring the Delta between Design, Delivery, and Demand

University of Oregon

Principal Investigator: Saurabh Lall, Ph.D., Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management 

The Role of Associations and Intermediaries in Shaping and Legitimizing New Organizational Fields: Examining the Growth of Social Enterprise in India


Florida State University

Principal Investigator: David Berlan, Ph.D.

Co-Investigator: Sarah Young, M.B.A.

Building the Capacity of Capacity Builders: A Study of Nonprofit Associations

University of Florida

Principal Investigator: Charles Dahan, Ph.D. Candidate

Co-Investigator: Brian Calfano, Ph.D.

Measuring Variables Affecting Individual-Level Decisions to Enter Association Fields

University of Georgia

Principal Investigator: Kristina Jaskyte, Ph.D.

Board of Directors and Innovations in Associations

Wichita State University

Principal Investigator: Gergana (Gery) Markova, Ph.D.

Being a Professional: The Role of Professional Associations