About Us

The ASAE Research Foundation advances association and nonprofit leadership, focusing principally on three areas important to the success of association management professionals and the organizations they serve: research, leadership, and innovation. The support, participation, and knowledge of an engaged community of people, linked by a shared passion for association management, make the foundation’s work possible and amplify its impact.

Our Work

  • Research: We identify critical trends and evidence-based effective practices in association leadership and management by conducting research no one organization can undertake on its own.
  • Leadership: We invest in programs and individuals, helping develop the leadership capacities needed by successful professionals and organizations—now and for generations to come.
  • Innovation: We fund experiments in association management, helping bring to light new or enhanced models and generating insight into innovation process and practice.

Our Community

The ASAE Research Foundation seeks to advance the work of the entire association community. Our work is indebted to a committed group of volunteers and donors. The ASAE Foundation Board of Directors, the Research Committee, and the Development Committee guide our activities in accordance with the foundation’s bylaws and with contributions from ad hoc volunteers, advisors, partners, and researchers. This work would not be possible without the support of our donor community, whose investments sustain our research and grants programs. Through the support of our community, we are able to create research and events to engage, inform, and learn from association professionals across the United States and around the world.