ASAE Research Foundation Staff

Terri Ashton
Manager of Research and Intelligence, ASAE
dt. 202 626-2820
e. [email protected]

Natasha Bragg
Coordinator, Fundraising
dt. 202 626-2896
e. [email protected]

Tracy Needham

Tracy Needham, MA
Manager, Market Research & Evaluation
dt. 202 326-9509
e. [email protected]

Sharon E. Moss, Ph.D., CAE
President and Chief Research Officer, ASAE
dt. 202 626-2745
e. [email protected]


Jennifer Nelson
Associate Director, Research Content
dt. 202 626-2813
e. [email protected]


Cecilia Plaza, PhD, CAE
Senior Director, Research
dt. 202.626.0953
e. [email protected]

Emily Rabbitt, CAE
Manager, Research Content and Knowledge Resources
dt. 202 626-2734
e. [email protected]

Keith Skillman

Keith Skillman, CAE
Senior Research and Content Advisor
dt. 202 626-2731
e. [email protected]


Andrea Wieters
Research Project Manager
dt. 202 626-2892
e. [email protected]

Baron Williams

Baron Williams, CAE
Senior Director, Book and Information Publishing
dt. 202 626-2783
e. [email protected]

Eric Wood
Senior Manager, Development Operations & Donor Relations
dt. 202 626-2857
e. [email protected]


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