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Associations need clearly defined strategic goals and a performance measurement strategy to achieve them, and they have to be self-aware and agile enough to change course when necessary. ASAE Research Foundation research on performance measurement and globalization helps associations create future-focused strategies, while the foundation’s benchmarking resources help executives make the best operational and strategic decisions.

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Association Global Maturity

Many association leaders are thinking about taking their association global, but new research finds that globally “mature” associations encounter fewer problems and are more successful abroad. Learn the key components of maturity in this report, and then get the Global Maturity Assessment to gauge your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

From Practice to Profession

What does it mean to be a professional, and what are the advantages or disadvantages to that identification? This research brief offers a comprehensive review of resources relevant to the processes of professionalization and provides insight on what professionalization means for associations.

Research Initiatives 

Metrics for Success

Associations define success not only by their bottom line, but also by how well they achieve their mission. While research on how performance measurement systems work for businesses and nonprofits is plentiful, much less is known about the unique performance measurement needs of associations. The Metrics for Success study focuses on identifying key performance and operations measures, establishing goals and achieving outcomes, and creating adaptive strategies. Read More

Global Management Series

In an increasingly global economy, many associations see global markets as an enticing, and often necessary, opportunity to expand their reach. The Global Management Series, a collaboration with the MCI Group, examines the strategies and operations of associations that have succeeded in international growth, including a special look at how associations are operating in China. Read More

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The Power of Partnership: Principles and Practices for Creating Strategic Relationships Among Nonprofit Groups, For-Profit Organizations, and Government Entities

Association Compensation and Benefits Study, 2020-2021 edition

Association Operating Ratio Report, 15th edition

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Achieving Global Growth

Association Global Maturity

Global Growth Strategies

Why Performance Measurement?

From Practice to Profession


From Practice to Profession

Laying Global Groundwork

Looking Toward China? Take the Long View

To Go Global, Think Local


Achieving Global Growth

Advance Your Global Development

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Global Maturity Assessment