Global Management Series

As the world becomes increasingly connected through technology and boundaries among nations cease to serve as boundaries for information, many associations see the potential to grow membership and generate revenue in global markets. To pursue these opportunities, organizations must gather information to understand the complexities of operating on an international scale to build a long-term strategy for success.

The ASAE Research Foundation partnered with the MCI Group to examine the operations and strategies of associations operating globally and define the practices and lessons for success identified by these associations. The multi-year Global Management Series research has combined qualitative and quantitative research methods to address questions on global growth.

The study had three phases:

  • Phase I consisted of a survey of 330 associations about their global efforts. The survey aimed to identify characteristics that distinguished “growers,” organizations that increased global membership or product revenue during the three years prior to the survey. The survey sample included associations with a national or international scope that had at least one ASAE member on staff. The resulting report, Achieving Global Growth, describes those characteristics. View Infographic 

  • Phase II was a qualitative study designed from the findings from Phase I. During in-depth phone interviews and seven focus groups, participants delved into questions on strategy, partnerships, risk management, innovation, identification of potential markets, and culture. The study examined the differences in strategy between associations reporting global revenue growth and those experiencing stagnant or declining numbers. Findings are discussed in the resulting report, Global Growth StrategiesView infographic. 
    The Special Focus on China section of Global Growth Strategies was compiled by collecting the insights and experiences of 40 leaders from different associations via extensive interviews about how they launched and sustained their operations in China. The leaders were informed about the Achieving Global Growth research before their interviews.
  • Phase III focused on making the lessons of the research practically applicable for organizations through the development of the Global Maturity Assessment—an online tool that enables association leaders to assess their readiness for global success. The tool helps executives calculate where their organization stands in relation to effective practices for developing global strategies and operations. Users will then have access to resources to guide their next steps. The tool was released in August 2017 along with Association Global Maturity: Critical Actions for Successful International Growth, a report that explores the findings from the assessment research process.

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