As in other sectors of the economy, transformational information technologies are presenting associations with significant challenges and opportunities. Evolving technologies are changing member and stakeholder expectations of how associations meet their core mission. The ASAE Research Foundation pursues research to understand how associations are using technology and how they are responding to and keeping up with technological changes.

Featured Research

Maintaining Tech Success Now and in the Future

New research from the ASAE Research Foundation shows that associations are currently meeting member needs and expectations, but they will need to make changes to keep pace with future demands.

Association Data Breach Preparedness

This research brief shares the findings from focus group conversations with association executives and technology decision makers to provide a look at the steps associations are taking to improve cybersecurity and prepare for potential attacks and data breaches.

Major Research Initiatives

Technology Success and Readiness Study

Associations depend on technology to do their work and fulfill their missions. With support from DelCor Technology Solutions, the ASAE Research Foundation set out to understand what technology success looks like in an association context—from internal support to member satisfaction. In the latest report, Tech Success for Associations, association leaders will learn how their association compares to others in its use of technology and understand how member abilities and expectations may drive association technology in the future. Read More

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Reports and Research Briefs

Tech Success for Associations: Balancing IT Maturity, Readiness, and Expectations for a Satisfying, Sustainable Future

Association Data Breach Preparedness: Summary of Qualitative Findings on Status and Needs

Findings from the First Phase of ASAE Foundation’s Technology Success Study


Maintaining Tech Success Now and in the Future

Tech Research Suggests Strategies For Engaging IT Leaders

Two Keys to Tech Success