Research Requests for Proposals

The ASAE Research Foundation partners with other nonprofit organizations, leading research and consulting firms, and researchers from top colleges and universities to deliver in-depth research on a range of topics relevant to association management. To select partner researchers, the foundation periodically issues requests for proposals for research studies that explore topics and collect data to advance the knowledge of association professionals.

Open RFPs

Volunteer Management Models

The ASAE Research Foundation is inviting prospectus submissions from qualified and experienced organizations, consultants, and academic institutions to provide a holistic model for strategically designing, implementing, and operating effective volunteer management practices in trade and professional associations. Researchers are invited to submit applications via the link below no later than Friday, November 6, 2020.

RFP Submission Upload Link

Questions regarding this solicitation should be submitted to Andrea Wieters, Research Project Manager, by email at or by phone (202.626.2892).

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