2021 Scholarly Research Grant Recipient

George Washington University

Who Joins and Leaves Associations? An Analysis of Longitudinal Survey Data

Principal Investigator: Kyle Albert, Assistant Research Professor

Abstract: While scholars have examined the demographics of association members at specific points in time, no published research study has utilized a longitudinal sample of American adults to examine the predictors of joining or leaving a professional association irrespective of one’s occupation or industry over a period of several years. This study will use the restricted access version of the National Survey of College Graduates dataset, published by the National Science Foundation, to examine the demographic and occupational/work-related predictors of joining or leaving an association over the course of a full decade (2010-2019) for a sample of approximately 20,000 U.S. university graduates. Regression models will be used to analyze the predictors of joining, remaining in or leaving associations, controlling for demographic, economic, and work-related characteristics. This study will yield valuable insights for the research community and for association managers themselves regarding the segments of the population most at risk of leaving associations, as well as the identification of communities potentially more receptive to appeals to join associations or for whom retention efforts may be most effective.