Our Organizational Supporters

Associations, businesses, partners, and other organizations invest in the mission of the ASAE Foundation with generous donations that advance our work and the work of all associations. The foundation is pleased to provide a variety of benefits to our donors. Organizational donors receive recognition on our website, in publications, and at our conferences. They receive exclusive access to new research findings and special events throughout the year. The support of our organizational donors allows us to further the work of the entire association management profession.


2016 Organizational Supporters

ASAE Foundation would like to thank the following organizational supporters from July 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016.


Platinum Donor ($7,500+)

ASAE Business Services, Inc. and the ASAE-Endorsed Business Solutions Partners:

  • Amith Nagarajan

  • William Pate, Mark Vaughan

  • Loretta Monterastelli DeLuca, FASAE 

  • Deedre Daniel; Justin Batten; Karen Burns

  • Tim McGill & Carla Hargrove McGill

  • Matthew R. Shay, CAE

  • William H. Rogers Jr.

  • Chuck Fazio


  • Jeff Altman, Dorothy Deng, Mark Franco, Jeff Glassie, FASAE, Eileen Johnson, CAE, Jim Kahl, Eric Schlam, CAE, Megan Spratt


Gold Donor ($5,000–$7,499)

  • Tad Druart

  • Andrew Doyle

  • Deborah J. Bowen, FACHE, FASAE, CAE

  • Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP, FACHE, CPA, CAE


    Kay Whalen, MBA, CAE

  • Stephen Lieber, CAE

  • Scott D. Wiley, FASAE, CAE 


Silver Donor ($2,500–$4,999)

  • Gary A. LaBranche, FASAE, CAE

  • Mark T. Engle, D.M., FASAE, CAE

  • Elaine Weiss, JD

  • Denise Jackson, Robert B. Waller, CAE, Michael Dwyer, Suzanne Pine, CAE

  • Pamela Hemann, FASAE, CAE

  • Pete Ruane, Ph.D.

  • Peter J. O'neil, FASAE, CAE

  • Debbie King

  • Sheri L. Jacobs, FASAE, CAE

  • Vicki Comegys

  • D. Bradley Kent

  • Robert Weidner III, CAE

  • Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE

  • Rob Olcott, CIMA, MA, FASAE, CAE

  • Jerald A. Jacobs, Esq.


Bronze Donor ($1,000–$2,499)

  • Don Neal

  • Jandie Smith Turner

  • Charles J. MacFarlane, FACHE, CAE

  • Robert G. Stein, MBA, FASAE, CAE

  • Lynda J. Patterson, FASAE, CAE

  • Dean A. West, FASAE

  • Charles Hall Jr.

  • Rita Hope Counts

  • Hassan Al Hashemi
    Debra A. Zabloudil, FACHE, CAE

  • Steve W. DeHaan, CAE

  • Gayle Junnila

  • Jeanne Bear Sleeper

  • Pam McKenna, M.Ed., CAE

  • Debra A. Zabloudil, FACHE, CAE

  • Deanna R. H. Zagin

  • Mark Sedgley

  • J. Stephen Perry

  • Dave Lutz, CMP

  • James J. Zaniello

  • Hugh K. Webster, Esq.; David P. Goch, Esq.

A note to our supporters: We appreciate your generous donations to the ASAE Foundation, and we want to recognize everyone with complete accuracy. If we have inadvertently made an error, please contact the ASAE Foundation at 202-626-2893 to request a correction.