Grant Proposal Requirements

Upload a completed application packet to the application form as a Word or PDF file.

The application should include:  

1. Application Cover Page, including 

  • name, title, and contact information for the primary investigator 
  • name of organization or institution 
  • title of proposal 

2. Abstract (not to exceed one page) 

3. Proposal (not to exceed ten pages), including

  • statement of the problem 
  • alignment with ASAE mission and research agenda 
  • specific aims 
  • research design 
  • evaluation and analysis 
  • expected outcomes 
  • dissemination plan 

4. Project Work Plan and Timeline 

5. Bibliography 

6. Budget, including a detailed justification of expenses 

7. Statement of Departmental/Organizational Commitment (not to exceed one page) 

8. Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae (not to exceed three pages) 

9. Appendix (e.g., Letter of Support, glossary of terms, etc.) 



  • Indirect costs are not allowable under this award program. 
  • Travel funds may only be included if directly related to the research activity. 
  • Award recipients will be required to submit an Interim and Final Report, and to present a summary of findings at the ASAE Annual Meeting or other appropriate ASAE-sponsored learning events.