DEI Funding Priorities

Sal Martino DEI Grant

As one of the strategic objectives of the ASAE Research Foundation, the Sal Martino Grant for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research aims to encourage collaborative research between members of the academic and practitioner communities to expand and advance DEI knowledge in association management and leadership. 


There are no restrictions on the specific area(s) within association management and leadership that may be studied. However, the most successful proposals will: 

  • investigate topics that are aligned with the Research Foundation’s mission and overarching research agenda 
  • focus on an innovative and relevant research question 
  • address what new knowledge the research study may uncover 
  • outline a dissemination plan to share key findings with the association and academic community 
  • clearly articulate the practical value and application of key findings to nonprofit membership and member-based associations 
  • include research teams that embrace academic and professional collaborations 
  • use acceptable research methodologies to offer high quality (e.g., valid, reliable) results 

Proposals can address DEI in a variety of ways;  

  • as the primary research question(s)  
  • as questions within a larger theme (i.e. membership development, volunteer management, board governance, advocacy, etc.) 
  • addressed explicitly addressed in the review criteria (e.g. theoretical application, approach, significance, impact, innovation, organizational commitment, and dissemination). 


The program may provide one award of up to $15,000 each grant cycleto a meritorious proposal addressing research questions relevant to nonprofit membership and member-serving organizations. The intent of the program is to support research efforts, and therefore, proposals for career development, travel*, and product or resource development will not be accepted. 

*Travel expenses may be included as a separate line-item if directly associated with the execution or dissemination of the research activity. 

Awards are typically granted on an annual basis (see submission schedule); special review panels may be convened when proposals in high-priority areas are received.  

The funding cycle for each award is 12-18 months, however, applications for Continuation of Funding will be accepted for up to one additional cycle.